Stanford Online course videos at openclassroom website

During Sept-Dec 2011 a lot of people enrolled for free stanford online courses. There were three courses Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Database Management. I successfully completed the Machine learning course, popularly known as ml-class.

Stanford people also planned to launch as much as 16 free online courses in duration of Jan – Apr 2012. Some of which are ml-class(again), algorithm design, human computer interaction etc. But due to some internal problems course which were starting in January are not started yet and there is  no particular  information about Feb and March courses.

But there is some relief for people who wanted to attend Human-computer-interaction and algorithm design courses. All the video for these courses are already available at following link

Apart from these two course there are other free courses available at above website for studying as per your interest like Practical Unix, Web Application, Database management, machine learning(advance version which also includes ml-class videos) and few more.

You can directly go to site and view the videos. Reply to this post if you want to download those videos, I’ll tell you the way.

Now many stanford online courses are started and course material are available at the course websites.

Game-theory, algorithm-design, cryptography, model-thinking, natural-language-processing, SAAS and probabilistic-graphical-models are up.   You can check the list of courses and their links at

The link for downloading the videos and other resource materials are available at respective course websites. screenshot