Developing a full web application using Node.js, Mongo and Angular.js: Introduction

Recently I was developing a web application for an event at my company. Its a quiz based game where an admin can control and present a quiz to all connected users.

It was my first time developing an end to end web application using various frameworks. Here is the details of software stack I was using for it.

  • Server side: Node.js for server, Express.js a web-application framework for node,  Socket.IO for realtime control over quiz, Passport.js for authentication.
  • database: MongoDB, mongojs module for accessing database from Node.js
  • Client: Angular.js
  • Deployment: Openshift Paas cloud server.

Beast thing about above stack is that everything is JavaScript 🙂 . No switching over languages for server, client and database.)

I had never worked with all of these together. And if you search on internet you’ll get only 2-3 of these together not all of them together. So I searched and found bits and pieces, collected and combined all of them to make a beatiful realtime web-application.

I’ll continue it in several parts. Client, Server, database, authentication and realtime communication – everthing in single tutorial series.